Rasi received the Sidney Kimmel Scholarship for early-stage cancer researchers. This award will fund our lab's studies on the role of synonymous mutations in cancer cells over the next two years. Thank you, Mr. Kimmel for supporting high-risk research!

01 Nov 2016 by rasi

Michelle Kriner, who just joined our lab as a postdoctoral fellow, was awarded the Chromosome Metabolism and Cancer Training Grant. She is planning to study how amino acid metabolism affects protein expression in bacteria and mammalian cells.

We had two terrific high school interns in our lab this summer, Ayah Idris and Gurleen Bassi. Ayah and Gurleen constructed a genetic reporter for detecting ribosome pauses in E. coli. Max was a fantastic mentor and taught them translation biochemistry, microbiology, and molecular cloning. In addition, both Ayah and Gurleen turned out to be Python wizards: They learned to read data files with Pandas, identify prime numbers, and use Python to send mass spam – all within two days! The jupyterhub setup by Fred Hutch Scientific Computing made all this really easy. Ayah will be starting as a freshman at UW and Gurleen will continue as a high school senior in Federal Way. Good luck, Ayah and Gurleen!

23 Jun 2016 by rasi

We were awarded the MIRA R35 grant by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, NIH. This award will support all NIGMS-related research in our lab over the next five years. Thank you, U.S. taxpayers!

21 Apr 2016 by rasi

Heather Machkovech will be co-advised by Jesse Bloom and me for her PhD thesis. Heather is interested in how codon usage regulates translation during influenza infection.

16 Jan 2016 by rasi

Heungwon Park has joined our lab as a postdoc. Heungwon plans to develop biochemically-accurate, kinetic models of protein synthesis in eukaryotic cells.

14 Jun 2015 by rasi

Max Ferrin, who just finished his undergrad at UW, will be starting along with me at the Hutch in July. Max is planning to study bacterial translation using genome-wide and biochemical approaches.

I am moving to Seattle in July – I am excited to become part of the Fred Hutch community!

I am trying to set up the lab as much as possible from Boston. Items on my agenda include recruiting a research assistant, setting up the lab server, shipping strains and plasmids, ordering consumables, and buying used equipment for the lab.

As a first step, I have shamelessly cloned the website of my soon-to-be colleague, Trevor Bedford. I have become a fan of Version Control and Markdown in the last few months, and Trevor's website is a great showcase for the simplicity and efficiency of these two tools.