We are looking for graduate students, research scientists and postdoctoral fellows (see below for specific postdoc projects) to join our lab. Research projects in our lab combine genomic and biochemical experimental approaches with computational modeling. We use mammalian cells and budding yeast as experimental models.

Research scientist candidates should email their CV, a paragraph of research interests, and contact information for two references. Graduate students at the University of Washington can arrange an in-person meeting to discuss possible rotation projects.

Postdoc in Functional Genomics and CryoEM of mRNA Translation


This is a joint postdoc position between the Campbell and Subramaniam labs in the Basic Sciences Division and the Computational Biology Program at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle. The goal of this postdoc project is to combine functional genomic and cryoEM approaches to discover and characterize novel mechanisms of mRNA translation in human cells. Our longer-term goal is to identify how these mechanisms are dysregulated across different tissue types and disease states.


The fellow will learn and apply cutting-edge massively parallel assays to identify novel sequence motifs and protein factors regulating mRNA translation in human cells. They will use targeted biochemical and cryoEM techniques to reconstitute and characterize the identified motifs and factors. They will learn and use computational methods to analyze deep sequencing and cryoEM data. The fellow will present their work at group meetings and conferences and write up their work for publication.


The ideal candidate for this project will have PhD-level expertise in applying biochemical or structural approaches to study nucleic acids or proteins. The applicant will be highly motivated to learn cryoEM and sequencing-based approaches for studying gene regulation. The candidate should be able to work independently and must have strong communication skills.

To apply, please email the following materials to Melody Campbell () and Rasi Subramaniam ():

  1. Your CV including contact information for 2 references
  2. A statement of your research interests. This should specifically address why your background and interests are a good fit for this project.


The Campbell and Subramaniam labs are part of the Basic Sciences Division and the Computational Biology Program at Fred Hutch. Lab members come from a variety of scientific backgrounds including physics, biochemistry, and microbiology. Both labs place a strong emphasis on one-on-one mentoring and on providing a supportive environment for learning and research. Trainees are prepared for a wide range of careers in academia and industry through learning of broadly applicable technical and organizational skills. We encourage applicants from historically underrepresented groups and from any disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds.